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What is a system boiler?

What is a system boiler?

A system boiler generates hot water for an unvented storage cylinder and directly warms your central heating system.

They function similarly to a regular boiler in that hot water must be stored, but they are unique in the manner in which they obtain their water supply.

These boilers are smaller than a typical boiler but may still provide a lot of household hot water.

Do you require a boiler that can produce plenty of hot water quickly? You could find a system boiler to be the best choice.

A combi boiler provides heating and hot water to the great majority of UK households, and homeowners are frequently recommended to select this option when replacing a boiler. However, in other cases, a system boiler may be a far superior option. In this post, we will define a system boiler, provide an overview of how they function and discuss some of the primary reasons why you should consider installing one.

Explanation of what a system boiler is

system boiler vs combi boiler

How do a system boiler and a combi boiler differ from one another?

Your heating and hot water are provided by a single, space-saving boiler known as a “combination” or “combi” boiler. When space restrictions prevent the installation of a header tank or separate hot water cylinder, they are frequently a wise choice for apartments and family homes.

Combi boilers, however, have some drawbacks. They are particularly unsuitable for homes with high hot water demands because they can only support one outlet at once. Due to combi boilers’ tendency to switch the burner from heating to producing hot water when necessary, heating performance may also be affected.

As opposed to a regular boiler, a system boiler has a separate cylinder for hot water storage. The main elements of the heating and hot water system are integrated into the boiler, but the hot water is stored in the cylinder. This implies that a substantial number of faucets and showers may be simultaneously supplied with a steady supply of hot water. Because of this, it is the best option for a house with several bathrooms.

Are system boilers the same as conventional boilers?

It is simple to confuse a system boiler with a standard boiler due to the separate hot water storage cylinder (also commonly known as a conventional boiler). There are, nevertheless, some key distinctions. A system boiler is a sealed system that just needs a boiler and a cylinder, but a typical boiler could also need header tanks in the attic to feed the hot water cylinder and keep the radiators’ water levels constant.

Because of this, system boilers are frequently the best option unless there are particular circumstances where a conventional boiler may be more appropriate, such as in locations with low water pressure or in residences with outdated radiator systems.

How does a system boiler work?

Through the use of a heat exchanger, the energy from the gas jets is transferred to the water to heat it. The hot water cylinder is where the heated water is kept until needed after being pumped there. A consistent supply may be kept up even when numerous faucets or showers are in use since there is sizable hot water storage that is constantly accessible.

How much room does a system boiler need?

how much room does a system boiler need?

Having enough space is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting a system boiler because, in general, they are a little larger than regular boilers because they include an expansion tank and pump. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s warranty will typically cover the extra parts, which is a benefit. Typically, the hot water cylinder would be installed in the airing cupboard if your home has one it was built with one.

System boilers can be used in homes with no loft space, those that have undergone a loft conversion, or those that have an attic because they do not need header tanks installed there.

What is the efficiency of system boilers?

what is the efficiency of system boilers?

The boiler itself is quite efficient using condensing technology, with many models attaining up to 90% efficiency under ideal circumstances. A system boiler can also assist in optimising the amount of water used in your house because all faucets and showers will get nearly immediate hot water at the same pressure. The four-pipe design makes Viessmann system boilers unique from those made by other manufacturers. As a result, high-efficiency heating systems may easily apply weather correction.

We covered what is “condensing technology” on our page what is a combi boiler?

Can hot water run out in a system boiler?

The capacity of the hot water cylinder is the only restriction on how much hot water a system boiler can provide. It is advised that while measuring your cylinder, you take into account how much water is likely to be consumed at any given moment for things like showers, baths, and faucets in order to ensure there is always enough available. Be careful, though, that often the size of the cylinder you select will be determined by the available space. If designed properly, you shouldn’t run out of hot water. Your heating expert will be able to build the system and hot water tank to suit the household’s needs.

A storage combi boiler is something to think about if space is an issue.

What are the benefits of a system boiler?

what are the benefits of a system boiler?

It should come as no surprise that installing a system boiler has several advantages:

Installation is simpler.

A system boiler installation may be simpler, faster, and cleaner than a conventional installation. This is because a system boiler incorporates a large number of separate parts of the heating and hot water system.

Very useful for high hot water demand

Because hot water is kept in a cylinder, you may run several faucets at once without the pressure dropping. It is therefore perfect for houses with many bathrooms that are busy or huge.

Fast and Saves you money

System boilers include a pump, which makes them more responsive and cost-effective to operate. It can save money on your energy bills and more

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It’s suitable for solar thermal

A system boiler is something to think about if using solar energy for hot water generation is a top priority for you. It is possible to modify the unvented hot water storage cylinder to heat water using solar energy.

Things to consider before having a system boiler

Before having a system boiler built, keep the following things in mind:

System boilers may use more room.

System boilers actually take up more room than combi boilers, despite the fact that a cold water feed tank is not required. This is because a hot water storage cylinder is required.

Size of a hot water cylinder

The size of your cylinder will determine how much hot water you can utilise. When the water in the cylinder runs out, you must wait for additional warm water. Depending on the model, this procedure might often take between 20 and 30 minutes.

It takes time to get hot water.

When a lot of hot water is consumed, the hot water may run out since it is kept in a storage cylinder with a limited capacity. Before your house receives hot water once more, the system boiler will need to heat additional water and fill the cylinder.

Costs for system boilers

Costs for replacing a blink boiler

The manufacturer and model have a big impact on price. When comparing the prospective costs of all accessible gas system boilers, costs might range from $500 to almost $2,000.

Models made by Baxi and Worcester Bosch are often the most affordable of the top system boilers we suggest. Both the Baxi 800 and Worcester Bosch Greenstar I ranges start about £900 in price. The Vitodens 200-W series, made by Viessmann, is the most costly of these system boilers, with costs averaging £1,500.

Prices for system boilers are shown in the table below, however they only include the cost of the boiler itself, not installation. If a hot water storage cylinder is required,

Price of installation

You should also keep in mind the installation charges in addition to the costs of system boilers. Numerous factors, such as the following, may have an effect.

  • The installation’s level of difficulty
  • Charges by the Installer for Accessibility
  • Your residence (boiler installations could be more costly in London, for example)

It will typically cost between £800 and £1,500 to install a new system boiler. The cost of the top system boilers, including installation, is displayed in the table below.

A system boiler installation may take one to three days, depending on its difficulty. A like-for-like replacement is the system boiler installation method that is the quickest and easiest to do. When a different kind of heating system is being replaced, the installation will take longer. For instance, rerouting the plumbing and adding a hot water cylinder would be required to convert a combi boiler to a system boiler. If you intend to relocate the boiler, installation time will also rise.

Choosing the best installer for a system boiler

A new system boiler is an expensive purchase, so you’ll want the installation to be done expertly by a qualified contractor. A Gas Safe registered engineer must install a gas-fired system boiler (an OFTEC technician is needed for the installation of oil boilers).

We strongly advise comparing at least 3 quotes from several firms rather than taking the first one you are given. Finding the most qualified installation with the best price will be easier if you take the time to compare quotations.

You’ll receive free quotations for the installation of a new system boiler when you fill out our short online form right now. Each organisation we pair you with will give you a call once you submit the form.

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